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We've taken the guess work out of selecting a qualified installer for your Promar Precision Engine. Our "Preferred Installation Centers" must pass our strict guidelines for exceptional quality & service...

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"I have had many engines rebuilt by your company and your service, in a word, has been outstanding..."

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Promar has realized the need for high quality remanufactured gas and diesel engines for Cogeneration Generators. Replacing tired engines in these units with new engines is very costly, businesses can save substantial amounts of money by remanufacturing there existing units. With our highly trained staff, dedication to customer satisfaction, and our record of high quality engines, we have put together remanufacturing packages for many companies that utilize cogeneration generators or that service them.

Current packages for The Tecogen 7.4 Cogeneration units include:

Chevy 454 Cogeneration Generator Engine

  • Complete remanufacturing of your existing core
  • Upgrades to Gen V block from Gen VI
  • (Takes care of block cracking issues with Gen VI blocks)
  • New intake and exhaust valves
  • New valve springs
  • New guides
  • 3 Angle valve job
  • 30 deg exhaust face
  • High temperature seats
  • Adjustable valve train
  • Custom ground camshafts (specifically for Generator applications)
  • Hypereutectic pistons
  • Moly rings
  • ARP Rod bolts (for added rod strength)
  • Tinware thoroughly cleaned and installed
  • Aftermarket aluminum timing covers
  • GM gaskets
  • Three month warranty

We also offer remanufactured replacement heads for Cogeneration Engines

  • (Saves you time and money in between full rebuilds)
  • New intake and exhaust valves
  • New valve springs
  • 30 deg exhaust face
  • High temperature seats
  • New guides
  • 3 angle valve job

Other Packages are available give us a call to tailor a package for your specific needs