Posted on February 03, 2016 by promarengine

If you own a 2004-present 5.4 3 valve truck and are ready to make it the performance truck you have dreamed of by adding a supercharger, Promar has the engine for you. Inspired by our highly popular 5.4 Lightning Upgraded 2 valve engine, we bring to you a 3 valve 5.4 Long Block that you want in your engine bay.

Our performance 5.4 3 valve engine can safely handle up to 18 lbs of boost. This engine includes performance parts like Seal Power, Forged Icon or Probe pistons , Forged H Beam rods, Forged Steel Crankshaft, ARP 8740 rod bolts, MLS Head gaskets, TTY Head and Main Bolts. Optional upgrades are also available call for details. Click here for more details