Looking for a new boat / marine motor or new boat / marine engine? Remanufactured marine engines are a fraction of the cost of a new marine engine with the same high quality. Promar rebuilt/remanufactured marine engines are assembled in a state of the art facility using only the highest quality parts. Our rebuilt/remanufactured marine engines use only the highest quality Marine Grade parts and include a high flow oil pump and a marine gasket set. Don’t trust someone selling you an ordinary automotive engine for your boat, trust Promar, the name you know, for the highest quality rebuilt/remanufactured marine engines in the industry.

We have provided remanufactured marine engines for many years. We focus on top name brands for your remanufactured marine engine. Choose your remanufactured marine engine for Mercruiser, Crusader, OMC, Volvo, PCM, Penta, and more. Promar has a number of affordable and dependable rebuilt marine engine packages to choose from. With our experience, you will not be out of the water for long!

To ensure the ultimate quality for your remanufactured marine engine, we include new pistons and rings, marine specific gaskets, marine specific camshafts, new intake and exhaust valves, main bearings, new hydraulic valve lifters, rod bearings, cam bearings, rocker nuts and fulcrums, heavy duty double roller timing sets, new Melling oil pump, brass freeze plugs and all gaskets and seals required for installation of your new remanufactured marine engine.

Still not sure if you want a rebuilt boat motor / rebuilt boat engine or a Promar remanufactured marine engine? Well, your remanufactured marine engine block cylinder walls are bored and diamond honed. The remanufactured marine engine cylinder head deck surface and block deck surface are machined, the crankshaft is magnafluxed, connecting rods are resized and balanced in sets, the remachined engine block is line honed, crankshaft is machined and micro polished, valve seats are precision cut, and a 3-angle valve job is performed.

Our remanufactured marine engines come as long-block assemblies. This means that your remanufactured marine engine long-block consists of the cylinder heads attached to the block, all of the internal/timing components installed, an installation gasket set and an oil pump. Our premium remanufactured marine engine long block comes completely assembled with a block, connecting rods, crankshaft, lifters, head(s), camshaft, main, rod and cam bearings, valve train, pistons, wrist pins, push rods, valves, rings, springs, guides, keepers, galley plugs, retainers, timing chain set, seals, oil pump, and a new marine gasket set.

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