I have had many engines rebuilt by your company and your service, in a word, has been outstanding. Your pick-up and turn around time to rebuild engines has been exceptional. A strong selling point is the nationwide warranty you offer on your work. I've installed Promar rebuilt engines in cars that I have shipped to Florida, Kansas, and Kentucky, Ohio, California and the metropolitan New York area to name a few states. My patrons have been totally satisfied and none of your engines have failed in any of these cars.

I plan to continue using the services of your company and look forward to a long business relationship with Promar Precision Engines.

Robert Craven, Owner
SuperCar Clinic, Inc.
630 New York Ave.
Huntington, NY 11743


Promar is a pleasure to do business with. They offer reliable service at a very fair price and they stand behind their work 100% with an excellent warranty. They are also knowledgeable and friendly, and for all of these reasons we would recommend them to everyone.

Mike Mintz
Service Director
Vespia Tire, Inc.


We at the Engine Exchange have been in business for 23 years. As a high volume shop, we recommend Promar Precision Engines for their high quality parts and workmanship.

They have been the industry leader with their state of the art warranty. I like that I can call the company and speak with the owner. Try doing that with one of the big remanufacturing companies.


We like the fact that our business, although small in the grand scheme of things, is valued and respected by all of Promar employees. We have never been treated like "just a number". Our business means something to them, and that means something to us.

We prefer Promar Precision Engines to the larger chains mainly because of the quality. With the larger engine remanufacturers, they lose their quality control with their assembly line techniques. At Promar they have one rebuilder from start to finish.

John Kelleher, Owner
1739 North Olden Ave.
Trenton, NJ 08638


Outstanding professionalism, honesty and integrity would be the words I would use to best describe Promar Engine Company.

Promar has led the way in doing their best to not only build a superior product, but stands behind that product should the need arise. Competing engine remanufacturers should all follow this company's level of performance and dedication to product and support.

John Pressey, President
187 Parker Ave.
Manasquan, NJ 08736


I rely on Promar Precision Engines because of the dependability, knowledge and expertise in their work.

Ed Gaczek, President
Eddie's Auto Restorations, Inc.


I rely heavily on Promar Precision Engines for guaranteed complete service, astounding, affordable merchandise and all without a core charge. Promar Precision Engines outperforms all of the other engine suppliers that I have dealt with in the past. Phone calls always result in personal communication with knowledgeable and friendly workers. The outward professional appearance of the engines upon arrival, reflect the inward care taken in assembling the components.

Promar Precision Engines has proven itself as a number one engine supplier for my business. This remanufacturer has transformed from a distant stranger into a dependable caring neighbor. I have heard only promising things from my customers concerning their reliable new engines. Their service, quality and warranty that is adhered to, strengthens my reliance on this company.

Roland's Auto Machine Shop
120 Doyle Street
Doylestown, Pa 18901


Promar Engine is a professional and experienced company that has an outstanding track record of reliable products and services. The volume of products offered, the positive feedback from E'Bay and the 3 year warranty speaks for itself. The information provided by the Better Business Bureau proved to me they are professional and honest. No other engine re manufacturer company on the east coast that I researched was able to compete with Promar Engine.

What was really impressive and really won me over was the owner of the company himself inviting me to tour the premise before my purchase. Promar Engine was able to build and provide an engine that was actually more reliable than the originally installed Cadillac Northstar motor. I strongly recommend Promar Engine. My Northstar motor runs strong and beautiful and I owe it all to Promar.

Greg Keane
LI, New York


Let me tell you that we are very pleased with the Promar engine installed in our 2000 Chevrolet Impala three years ago. It has 70,000 miles on it now and not a bit of trouble.

Very truly yours,
Jerry Manahan


Thanks to all concerned at PROMAR for the great job done on my 1963 Buick Riviera 401 engine. The paint color change to silver and the overall excellent restoration your company accomplished rate my highest praise. After two prior rebuild attempts in the last year, I finally have the engine running perfectly as intended.

I will highly recommend your most professional work to all my restoration colleagues.

All my best for 2009,
Tom Helms


I know you always are aware of the complaint part of the business, but probably never hear of the appeciated results of good work done by your mechanics & machinists.

We currently put 97,344 miles on your engine. No oil leaks and No oil added between changes.

My thanks to you & your employees,
Robert Wagenseller


I just wanted say thanks from the bottom of my heart. I just finished installation today and I am completely satisfied. I definitely noticed the care and attention that went into my engine build. I will recommend promar to anyone needing an engine.

Thanks again to Brian and everyone there, delivery and pick up was fantastic.
Robert Mirfield


I was very careful when it came to installing my Promar engine. I followed all of your recommendations, but when it came time to turn the key I paused for what seemed like a day ( probably more like 15 minutes ). I had a list of check offs taped to the horn in my 2004 Dodge Ram 4.7... I turned the key to the "on" position,heard the file pump come on, then stop. Got out and bled the fuel rail even though I was told it wasn't nessesary, turned the key back on- waited again - then cranked.....VAROOM!

After a short stinky smell from the paint job and a bit of computer self adjustment, that baby was purring like a kitten!

Thanks Promar,
Paul Kristiansen