Been thinking about your Muscle Car, Hot Rod or Classic car restoration? Why let that classic ride sit idle another day? If a performance or classic restoration engine is what you are seeking, look no further than Promar. We know that you will be waxing and inspecting your pride and joy for many years. You want to keep your dream ride for a long time and then pass it on to that special someone who will enjoy it with the same passion!

Who should I choose to provide an engine for my car restoration? Quality, trust and a long record of providing top notch equipment is imperative. With Promar, the engine for your car restoration is crafted for the long haul and no detail gets omitted or forgotten. We provide rebuilt engines used for car restoration for many classic and collector automobiles. Our experience shows that the key to providing top level car restoration engine services is and pure focus on quality and rigorous testing and adherence to standards. We treat our rebuilt engines for car restoration with respect. We have been given the responsibility by our customers to meet their important needs and we have responded by providing the best workmanship possible.

We know your Classic Car restoration is your passion! So when it comes time to freshen it up why not let the professionals here at Promar handle the rebuilding of your worn out classic engine. From Buick straight 8's to 500+ HP 427 CI Vette engines we restore all makes and models of antique/classic car engines.

When you purchase engines from Promar you are buying the finest engines for your car restoration, on the market today. We are dedicated to providing the finest engines at the best prices available. Coupled with outstanding customer service and technical expertise, we believe you will find our engines to be the best value on the market for your car restoration. Whether you're building a race car or a hot rod our engines will add a lot of muscle to your fun! With Promar engines your vehicle will out perform your expectations and impress your friends.

We take great pride in our ability to restore your original engine and breathing new life into it. We carefully clean and inspect your engine for fatigue and casting flaws making sure that your valuable engine will provide you with years of worry free performance. With our state of the art equipment and highly trained technicians we revive your tired engine back to original and most times higher than original performance levels.

We can offer performance adding upgrades in most applications. If you want an upgraded camshaft, custom forged pistons, or balancing your rotating assembly for solid piece of mind we can handle any and all of your special engine needs. Or get that original engine freshened up and hold onto it in storage while you drop in one of our potent high performance crate engines. We offer several levels of performance engines that are able to get every ounce of driving pleasure out of your classic or antique automobile. If you ever decide to let it go you have the original engine fresh and ready to drop back in.

Chevy 350 Vette Classic Engine
Chevy 327 Classic Engine
Caddy 390 Classic Engine
Caddy 500 Classic Engine
Chevy 427 Cast Iron Heads Classic Engine
Chevy 427 Aluminum Heads Classic Engine
Chrysler 440 Classic Engine
Chrysler 383 Classic Engine
Ford 312 Classic Engine
Ford 239 Classic Engine
Packard 245 Classic Engine
Chevy 235 Classic Engine